Deal Sourcing

Focused on sectors where principals have extensive contacts and in-depth market knowledge

  • Opportunistic transactions with motivated sellers
  • Sponsor relationships in public and private sectors
  • Specialized intermediaries including a vast network of local lenders and brokers
  • Industry conferences and associations
  • Proprietary databases and analytics
  • Special situations including foreclosure and bankruptcy auctions, recapitalizations and note purchases

Owner Operators

Strong track record of acquiring, improving and managing all major classes of commercial real estate

  • Asset management capabilities including leasing, billing and collection, repairs and maintenance, tenant compliance and vendor management
  • Utilize best-in-class technology solutions to reduce costs and maximize efficiency
  • Direct, hands on oversight of all building employees or third party property managers
  • Construction and capital improvement project management
  • Environmental efficiency implementation programs
  • Leveraging our network of trusted local operators in key target markets

Proprietary Market Research & Analysis

Harnessing the power of “big data” to discover patterns that unlock hidden value in target markets

  • Real-time tenant supply and demand analysis
  • Aggregation of historically fragmented data sources
  • Leveraging analytic results into a lead generation system which programmatically communicates with key stakeholders in target markets
  • Continuous generation of off-market pipeline opportunities, many of which are sourced without an intermediary